The Boys from Sutton Park 6 Shepshed Dynamo 3

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The Boys from Sutton Park 6 Shepshed Dynamo 3

Post  Gibbo on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:59 am

An entertaining League Cup tie with Shepshed one eye on the FA Vas tie on Saturday making changes.

1st min left to right ball Reed passed Pickeing

1 Shepshed Dynamo 0
7th min keeper out to Vasey
8th min What looked no more than a coming together of legs penalty given Brennan scores

2 Shepshed Dynamo 0

13th min 9 missed header
14th min Meade ball to Porter shot blocked
15th min Reed shot cleared by his own player
19th min Porter ball across the box
20th min Gray fails to clear Pickering clears from 9
32nd min Save by Pickering
33rd min Mistake by Jarvis 7 cross cleared by Bennett
35th min Meade across the box
36th min Left to right ball Reed makes it 3

3 Shepshed Dynamo 0

42nd min Porter shot saved
I-T Poter free kick saved Vasey scores from rebound

3 Shepshed Dynamo 1

H-T 3 Shepshed Dynamo 1
48th min 9 wide
53rd min Vasey shot blocked
54th min Porter shot cleared off the line rebound straight across the box
58th min Pickering out to 11
59th min Hind free kick Jarvis header wide
60th min Porter through to Meade to score

3 Shepshed Dynamo 2

63rd min Meade shot into keeper
70th min Jarvis blocks from 9
72nd min Reed cross come shot misjudged and pushed into the net by Pickering

4 Shepshed Dynamo 2

75th min Meade shot into keeper
82nd min Meade onto Porter Hind pulls one back

4 Shepshed Dynamo 3

Straight down the other end for 5

5 Shepshed Dynamo 3

I-T Brooks foul in the box sent off Penalty converted

6 Shepshed Dynamo 3

F-T 6 Shepshed Dynamo 3 att 162

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