Launch of an Official Shepshed Dynamo Supporters Club

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Launch of an Official Shepshed Dynamo Supporters Club

Post  Gibbo on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:29 am

Below is a statement some of you may have already seen all day but here is the objective and statement of launching the clubs Official Supporters Club

Launch of an Official Shepshed Dynamo Supporters Club

As many if you may know four years ago myself and a group of supporters set up an unofficial supporters club.

Due to various committee members retiring their positions and lack of subscription over the pastcouple of years. Thanks to the help of Steve and Sheila Andrews in the main we have functioned on the monthly bingo ball draw alone.

However after speaking to the Clubs Chairman, various suppporters and other parties involved at the club there has been interest in launching an Official Shepshed Dynamo Supporters Club.

Some supporters have already said they would be willing to be members and for it to be a success we need as many supporters as possible o become official members. We are looking at a £10 per year subscription fee and within that working with the club to give official members exclusive benefits.

We pride ourselves as he best support in the MFL so if you are interested in subscribing to the Official Shepshed Dynamo Supporters Club we need to know at the latest at Saturday's game at Brocton. If you wish to comment please do so on the BWA on Tour Facebook site or on here.

Once we have the interest we feel suffice we will be looking to appoint possible officers of the Official Supporters Club Committee such as Chairman, Secretary and possibly Treasurer.

During the season we woluld be looking for other volunteers as we can hopefully provide fundraising, functions and events for both the club, the local community and charitable organisations.

These are all things which will be put in place once we know the level of interest in the formation of Shepshed Dynamo's Official Supporters Club. So I urge everyone to respond positively before the weekend and if you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns either speak to myself or a director and also freedom of speech obviously politely on here and facebook.

Yours in Anticipation

Kev Gibson
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