Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 1

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Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 1

Post  Gibbo on Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:49 am

For the 2nd match on the trot a draw would have been a fair result as Heath Hayes although in the relegationn zone more than matched us on the evening.

3rd min Clearance from Cobb
15th min Gray, Stevenson dummy Cobb shot saved
17th min Hayes clearance Jarvis total miss kick Stevenson curls fierce shot passed Hayes keeper
Shepshed Dynamo 1 Heath Hayes 0

19th min Hayes corner 5 completely fumbles effort
21st min Darby to Gray Hind wide
23rd min Towers puts Darby through slots home passed keeper
Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 0
24thmin Ball over the top Stevenson shot saved
25th min save from Mitchell
25th min Mitchell punches clear
26th min Darby shot deflected wide
28th min Smecley ball to Stevenson cleared by 5
31st min Hayes header wide
32nd min Towers free kick across the box
35th min Poor clearance from Hayes keeper Stevenson to Gray Towers header wide
36th min Hayes 9 ball across the box Joachim clears
37th min Stevenson ball through Darby shot cleared off the line
38th min Mitchell saves from 11
HT Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 0

47th min Gray ball over the top Darby to Cobb Stevenson wide
51st min Hayes ball over the top Smedley brings down Hayes 10 no decision from the officials
52nd min 7 shot deflected into Mitchell
55th min Stevenson shot blocked
56th min 11 shot cleared off the line penalty either given for handball or push in the back 7 for Hayes scores
Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 1
68th min 8 flick onto 9 shot blocked 12 over the top
70th Mitchell save
74th min 14 free kick 12 shot saved 6 over the top from a corner
78th min Towers free kick cleared for corner
82nd min Towers header blocked by 5

FT Shepshed Dynamo 2 Heath Hayes 1

Other midweek results:

Alvechurch 0 Coleshill 3(Benjamin, Cutting,Evans) att 61
Continental Star 1 (Johnson) Boldmere 3 (Clarke, Holmes, Westwood) att 43
Causeway 1 (Lloyd) Quorn 0 att 62
FA Vase Shaw Aquaforce 4 Walsall Wood 1 (Taylor - Boyce) att 125
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Champions League

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