Loughboough University 2 Shepshed Dynamo 2

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Loughboough University 2 Shepshed Dynamo 2

Post  Gibbo on Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:11 am

Loughborough looked the better side in the first half and Shepshed the better the 2nd and could have took all 3 points at the Loughborough University Stadium.

3rd min Uni 11 over the top
5th min Porter ball across the box
10th min Porter to Cobb Stevenson just wide
18th min Smedley block from 10
22nd Uni 8 through ball 9 passed Mitchell
Loughborough Uni 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0

24th min Towers wide from corner
29th min Darby shot into keeper
30th min Uni 10 into Mitchell
35th min Towers over the top
38th min Porter freekick curls into left hand corner
Loughborough Uni 1 Shepshed Dynamo 1

I-T Double save from Mitchell from 10
H-T Loughborough Uni 1 Shepshed Dynamo 1

46th min Ball defelcted into path of Uni 9 slots home
Loughborough Uni 2 Shepshed Dynamo 1

50th min Mitchell saves from 10
51st min Jarvis to Darby Hind shot saved
55th min Uni 5 shot saved by Mitchell
62nd min Darby wide
68th min French hits the bar half cleared Gray back in Darby into keeper
69th min Darby shot saved rebound fired back by Towers passed the keeper
Loughborough Uni 2 Shepshed Dynamo 2

78th min Darby shot saved
83rd min Gray free kick cleared
85th min Frenchover the top
86th min French over the top
88th min French to Darby Brown-
Wingfield over the top
FT Loughborough University 2 Ahepsged Dynamo 2

Other results from that weekend

AFC Wulfrunians 0 Tipton 2 (Meese, Moore) att 137
Basford 3 (L.Hendrie 2, Melkle) Coleshill 3 (Beckley, Douglas, Weale) att 102
Coventry Sphinx 2 (Downie, Jackson) Lye 0 att 90
Westfields 0 Quorn 0 att 142
69th min Timely interception by Smedley
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