Dunkirk 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0

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Dunkirk 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0

Post  Gibbo on Sat May 02, 2015 11:06 pm

So league season ends with a spirited defeat. 16th overall and a win for Dunkirk which was immaterial after Loughborough Uni defeat at Westfields.

4th min Mitchell out to 9 rebound blocked
11th min 11 cross over the top
19th Morgan shot cleared
20th min Mitchell save from 7
21st min Hind shot saves
22nd min Towers header off the bar Boatman counter 10 saved by Mitchell
24th Hind chases down back pass blocks clearance rebounds off the post into keeper
30th min 11 across the box
31st min Bradshaw wide
3 4th min Towers wide
35th min 7 over the top
30th min Duffy saved Porter offside

Ht Dunkirk 0 Shepshed Dynamo 0

46th min Porter cross into keeper
54th min Towers shot saved
57th min Porter cross Chapman blocked
62nd min Mitchell saves
6th .

65th min Mitchell parries 7 cross o slots home rebound
Dunkirk 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0

73rd min 9 blocked by Jarvis
75th min Morgan over the top
77th min Hind to Lane blocked
79th min Hind cross Chapman header wide
86th min Chapman wide
87th min Dunkirk offside
8th min 14 wide
FT Dunkirk 1 Shepshed Dynamo 0 att 230

Other final day results

AFC Wulfrunians 3 (Thompson 3) Alvechurch 0 att 102
Brocton 2 (Berks, Booth) Basford 0 att 64
Coleshill 8 (Benjamin 7, Wright) Coventry Sphinx 2 (Downes, Opoku) att 85
Continental Star 3 (Nelson, O'Garro, Sterling) Causeway 1 (Charles) att 71
Kirkby Muxloe 0 Long Eaton 0 att 69
Quorn 2 (Turner) Rocester 3 (Mottrrshead 2, Brown) att 97
Stourport 1 (Griffin) Boldmere 1 (Perkins) att 96
Tipton 1 (Evitts) Lye 0 att 123
Walsall Wood 3 (Black, Butlin, Harris) Heath Hayes 0 att 73
Westfields 4 (Palmer, Cuss, Edwards,Jones) Loughborough Uni 0 att 109

End of Season roll of honour so far:


Relegation places
Loughborough Uni, Tipton,Heath Hayes
Tuesday night Long Eaton and Rocester play in the League Cup Final at Walsall F.C
Champions League
Champions League

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