RIP Pete Bailey

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RIP Pete Bailey

Post  Gibbo on Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:45 am

As already announced on the Clubs Official website and announced by the Family it is with great sadness that we pay tribute to Peter Bailey a lifelong committee member and supporter.

Pete was always a character at The Dovecote and on behalif of all the Supporters we pass condolences to Matt,Sherry,Nigel and the family.

I can't remember the first day I met Pete but from someone who has followed Shepshed for over 30 years I would have remembered him from a young age.

Pete known by a few and I am sure the family won't mind me mentioning this was known as Radio Hathern by many supporters. Pete on his day could be arguementaive to both players,supporters, management and board members but this is no disregard to the man, this was part of his passion to Shepshed from Charterhouse through to the current day.

Until his latter days he would be their come what may even after ill healh turning up on work parties and stewarding when he should have been at home looking after himself.

Everyone at Shepshed will remember Peter Bailey and his most remarkable comments were "Keep the Bloody Ball down" and to a goalkeeper who extended theirselves outside the area "Get back in your Bloody box"

Our thoughts extend to the Family yesterday was a sad day to lose another family member of SDFC and we would like to extend any help to the Bailey Family.

Peter Bailey recently given the Lifelong achievement award REST IN PEACE

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