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This is a Forum for the supporters of Shepshed Dynamo and is in No way attached to the club. All of the views on this forum are of that of the members and not the opions / views of the Football club.

We occasionally need to moderate some of the postings so that a good, positive and productive relationship can be built and maintained between the Board, management, players and the fans.

Constructive criticism will always be perfectly acceptable but there can be rarely, if ever, a need for attacks on ANY INDIVIDUALS or GROUPS that may cause them discomfort or embarrassment or bring their names or the name of THE CLUB into disrepute.

ANYONE who feels that they have been UNREASONABLY treated in a manner as described above has the right to ask the moderator to edit or delete the posting that has caused them concern or embarrassment.

Obviously, this is not intended to discourage humour, banter or light-hearted mickey taking on the forum. This has always been an important part of any football message board.

Apart from the preceding, the guidelines to be followed when posting messages are as you would expect on any respectable forum that is open readers and contributors of ALL ages.

Foul and abusive language is unacceptable.

Racism of any kind is unacceptable.

Advertising is not allowed without permission.

NO Links or images within profile signatures without permission.

Anyone who persistently fails to comply with the guidelines may have their forum membership cancelled.


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