Irchester Utd 1 Shepshed Dynamo 4

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Irchester Utd 1 Shepshed Dynamo 4

Post  Gibbo on Thu May 02, 2013 7:13 am

A comfortable victory over already relegated Irchester but fair do's to them they never gave up and created chanves in the second half. So it's now 6 in a row and 2 to go.

2ndmin Byrne Cross
3rdmin Fitzpatrick cuts in from the left and curls passed Fernandes
Irchester United 0 Shepshed Dynamo 1
6min Fitzpatrick onto Tuck through to Chaplin
10th min Tuck through to Fitzpatrick wide
13th min Thacker save
14th min Fitzpatrick onto Tuck
15th min Smith corner headed wide
16th min Irchester 9 shot
21st min Chaplin shot savd
24th min Irchester corner headed clear by Pritchard
26th min Fitzpatrick shot blocked
27th min Tuck onto Chaplin Martin initial shot blocked Martin lofts rebound over corner
Irchester United 0 Shepshed Dynamo 2
31st min Irhester back pass Tuck shot saved
39th min Fitpatrick lobs over Fernandes into the left hand corner
Irchester United 0 Shepshed Dynamo 3
41st min Fitzpatrick free kick punched clear
I-T Aiten wide
HT Irchester United 0 Shepshed Dynamo 3

46th min Irchester sub into Thacker
47th min Chaplin into keeper Mulonga effort cleared
50th min Thacker out to clear
51st min Byrne shot saved
52nd min Left hand cross into Thacker
53rd min Mulonga rounds keeper into empty net
Irchester United 0 Shepshed Dynamo 4
62nd min Thacker out to save
70th min Irchester corner headed home
Irchester United 1 Shepshed Dynamo 4
74th min Thacker saves from number 2
75th min Davies onto Tuck to Fitzpatrick Chaplin wide
78th min Mulonga wide
79th min Mulonga cross Davies wide
80th min Ball over the top keeper out to Chaplin
82nd min Irchester keeper out to clear danger
83rd min Fitzpatrick free kick deflected ide
84th min Irchester number 5 into side netting
86th min Tuck to Smith shot saved
87th min Mulonga cross Aiten wide
FT Irchester United 1 Shepshed Dynamo 4

Another good team performance and now leads to an intriguing game Saturday Shepshed are out to end the season with a 7 game winning run but for St Ives they have to win to ensure their grip on runners up place as Spalding are only a point behind and play PNS on Saturday.
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