Sheoshed Dynamo 0 St Ives Town 1

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Sheoshed Dynamo 0 St Ives Town 1

Post  Gibbo on Wed May 08, 2013 5:33 am

So the six game unbeaten run came to an end on Saturday but lets hope we can rekindle this tomorrow night in The Loughborough Charity Cup. I thought on Saturday a draw would have been a fair result with ourselves being the better side first half and St Ives the second.

3mins Keeper out to deny Chaplin
4mins Fitzpatrick over the top
6mins Fitzpatrick wide
15mins Fitzpatrick lob wide
27mins Martin wide
28mins Thacker out from St Ives corner
33mins Davies cross blocked
37mins Davies shot into keeper
43mins Fitzpatrick shot blocked
44mins Thacker saves
I-T Fitzpatrick over the top
H-T Shepshed Dynamo 0 St Ives Town 0

55mins Free kick into Thacker
60mins Successive corners for the visitors
64mins Fitzpatrick sent off
75mins Davies onto Chaplin shot hits the outside of the post
77mins Ives 8 into Thacker
78mins Thacker out his area to clear
80mins St Ives two over the top
82mins Shot from Cobb passed Thacker
Shepshed Dynamo 0 St Ives Town 1
84mins Davies shot saved

FT Shepshed Dynamo 0 St Ives Town 1

So congratulations on the day to both sides to Shepshed for ending the league season on a high and to St Ives on finishing runners up.

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