An end of an era Tomorrow

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An end of an era Tomorrow

Post  Gibbo on Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:06 am

Tuesday November 13th 1984 was the date the Clubhouse as it still stands today opened tomorrow Saturday 5th October sees it stand in its original construction for the final time.

As someone who remembers those days along with current supporters and committee members I feel we all agree we have to build for the future and personally I await in anticipation to see the revamped version hopefullly in a few weeks time. During this period there is a lot of hardwork needed to achieve this plan and if anybody has any free time over the next few weeks please volunteer as all help will be welcomed.

So looking back I originally thought it was built alot earlier but I have found the actual original programme from the game when the clubhouse was opened and feel free to come and see me tomorrow as I will bring the programme with me.

Over the years I have spent many an hour in the Clubhouse even before I actually attempted to double the profits across the bar on a regular basis on a Saturday afternoon:Giggle: 

As a kid myself sitting in the bar with the likes of the former Chairman along with my own parents on a midweek game was a regular occurence along with a certain Jermaine Jenas whose Dad played for the club.

In the early days the club was open for most nights and I can remember the pool table in the middle of the room and the dartboard which is now back in its original place, the club had Darts and dominoes teams in those days.

The most current pleasant memories I can remember was the victory against Bromsgrove Rovers in the Final Qualifying round of the FA Cup and the visit of FC Halifax in The FA Trophy.

A lot of the current supporters may not know the history of how the actual Clubhouse came about and tomorrow It would be nice to pay tribute and raise a glass to those who are now still supporters and also committee members and to those who unfortunately are no longer with us including a former Shepshed Supporter Sec Blake who I can remember travelling to away games in Charterhouse days as a child who passed away recently. Those supporters paid what I recall £10 per brick for the basic infrastructure of the building. Along with this it would be great to have as many photos as possible taken of all involved in the current club before the curtain closes and is raised to a new era.
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