Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 3

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Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 3

Post  Gibbo on Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:02 am

Shepshed gave the league leaders a run for their money but like Saturday gained no reward and what looks like what Tividale have done all season they have capitalised on mistakes and key areas of the game. Full tale of the tape and the results from last night;

1st min Tividale 4 to wide
6th min Webb to Guest, Richards cleared off the line
18th min Chaplin to Webb, Richards wide  
22nd min Chaplin header saved
26th min Thacker saves from 11
27th min Tividale wide
28th min Thompson onto Webb, Richards passed the keeper into the right hand side
Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 0
36th min 9 into Thacker
40th min Double save from Thacker falls to 9 who slots home
Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 1
42nd minute 10 into Thacker
I-T 8 wide
H-T Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 1

50th min Lever into keeper
54th min Webb onto Richards
56th min Thacker saves from 6
6oth min Chaplin diving header saved, Thompson shot blocked, Cook hits the post
66th min Keeper out to Richards, Cook cross 2 clears
67th min 9 into Thacker
74th min Webb throw Chaplin to Thompson over the top
77th min Good tackle by Bennett, Cook over the top
82nd min Lever back to Thacker who miscues 10 slots home
Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 2
I-t 10 gets his brace
Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 3

F-T Shepshed Dynamo 1 Tividale 3 att 89

Other results
Boldmere 3 Walsall Wood 0 att 72
Causeway 3 Kirby Muxloe 1 att 50
4 Coventry Sphinx 0 att 107
Stourport 3 Rocester 0 att 51
Westfields 0 Coleshill 3 att 71

Champions League
Champions League

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