What an abject performance !!

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What an abject performance !!

Post  Yoda on Sun Aug 17, 2014 11:30 pm

The FA Cup is supposed to be thrilling and entertaining. Yesterday's match lacked both off these. Shepshed decided that the best policy in the first half was to not compete and bore the socks off their loyal fans.....the few eternally loyal ones that turned up. It was probably the worst 45 minutes of football I have seen at The Dovecote for many years but I am sure that some of you can quote worse instances The injury time equaliser was the only piece of constructive football in the whole match.

Admittedly SDFC were playing a team who were cynical, bullying, cheating thugs that a more experienced referee would have latched onto immediately and stopped their illegal tactics. For those at the match I heard praising the referee, let me explain further.

The violent incident off the pitch in the first half when the Dunkirk player tried to retrieve the ball from the Shepshed player was appalling. The Dunkirk player deliberately struck the back of the players head with his fist. Violent conduct. Red card. No debate necessary. Instead a yellow card. Even the linesman commented to me that it was violent conduct and deserved a straight red.

Each time a Shepshed player latched onto a through ball and headed towards goal they were fouled. At least 5 times in the first half. Cynical and deliberate.

At all free kicks that were awarded to Shepshed, the Dunkirk players lined up next to the ball and waited for the referee to instruct them to move back the regulatory 10 years. EVERY TIME! Dunkirk players were seen running a full 20 yards to stand next to the ball and delay proceedings. Referee's action......nothing.

The Dunkirk centre half constantly challenged for aerial balls by leading with his forearm into the back of the Shepshed players. This is blatantly illegal. Action taken......nothing.

Most of these tactics were engineered by Dunkirk to kill the match but really it was dead from the first minute.

I couldn't work out why Shepshed seemingly did not want to compete in the first half. Admittedly there did not appear to be anyone prepared to take up the challenge up front and even if they did the midfield had disappeared so what really was the point of running yourself ragged with no support. But worse still was the lack of commitment by the central defenders when challenging for aerial balls.

The second half started off more positively and Shepshed appeared to want to be first to the ball instead of laying off and giving Dunkirk the chance to build attacks. Well this didn't last long and eventually it looked as if the players were satisfied with going out of the FA Cup with a whimper. It was a pathetic performance.

Only one player came out of this match with any credit. Steve Chaplin's performance in match was supreme. Challenging for every ball in the air, laying it off to other players and especially in the dying minutes of the match leading an attack into Dunkirk's 18 yard box, losing it and 20 seconds later was seen making a superb tackle in the Shepshed 18 yard box to snuff out a possible goal scoring opportunity.

Adam Vasey, until he was substituted, tried his best and should have equalised in the second half but his shot was lacking power and the Dunkirk defender was able to clear it easily off the line when the open goal cried out for a stronger finish.

The rest of the players..........you should be ashamed of yourselves. What more motivation do you need to step up to the mark in an FA Cup match. Progression into the next round is essential for the club financially and to bring the fans back to The Dovecote. So if you have any pride in playing for Shepshed Dynamo, go out on Tuesday night and give Dunkirk a hammering they will never forget !!

Rant over.


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